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slashphilosophy's Journal

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Slash Philosophy
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What are the political and social intentions and consequences, if any, of slash fiction?

This community is for writers and readers of slash fanfiction (m/m and f/f), who are interested in discussing the relationship between slash, gay issues, gender, and personal and group identities. In the Harry Potter fandom, slashers have been having discussions about this for some time now. On March 16, 2003, a chat in the Armchair Slash chatroom got so involved and complex that we realized we needed a separate forum to discuss these issues with the thoughtfulness they deserve, and slashphilosophy was born.

Please see the community's introductory post for a more detailed description of the group, and examples of some of the many questions we hope to tackle here. Questions from "What is the difference between appreciation and objectification?" to "What is the importance of an authentic queer voice in gay fiction?" to "What is a slasher's place in the queer rights movement?" And many more.

While we don't expect necessarily to reach a consensus, and know that we're likely to raise as many new questions as we answer, we feel that this community is an important part of discussion in the fandom and amongst slashers as a whole.

This community is here for discussion and learning from each other. Some of our discussions may be emotional, and people may end up sharing very personal things, so an atmosphere of mutual respect is essential. Flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Questions? Contact aegeus, the community maintainer.

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