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Is it normal to have a physical reaction to slash?

First, Sorry about the repeated posts. I know it sounds silly/ stupid, but I added/ edited some of the content multiple times & then I changed the title, but I wanted to make sure people got a notification to see the added/ edited content/ new title. I wasn't sure if they would see it otherwise. Again, sorry about that.

Anyway, hello. I'm new to this community. I hope this post is allowed. If it's not, feel free to delete it (if possible, please point me to a place I can post it)? Anyway, I would appreciate opinions on this. Now, I'm talking about slash & not femslash. I'm kind of embarrassed to post this and I hope you all don't think me strange or gross for asking these questions, but do you think it is normal for females (especially straight females) to have a physical reaction in their nether region when looking at or reading slash fiction (even if it isn't explicit (e.g., just kissing (on lips or other part of body (e.g., the neck)), non-explicit or *implied* sex (implied by the sounds being made or as another example, the characters leaving together)), even if it's someone's fantasy or dream, & even if it's interspecies,), watching slash fanvids, and looking at slash fanart? Please I would appreciate *any* responses at all (even if you don't know/ don't know for sure). *Please* respond. Thanks.

This is Slash, and it Involves Philosophy

I am posting this here because I don't know where else to post it, and because I thought you all would get a chuckle out of it, and maybe have some fun discussing how the philosophers in question relate to slash fanfic. I did not write this. A friend did, but they don't have a LJ account. In all actuality, I think they sweded it from another fic, which is a whole other discussion in and of itself, especially if you bring Foucault's notions on authorship into the equation.

Here goes
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Slash and Pseudo-Lesbian Porn for Straight Men - Same or Different?

I don't know if this comm is moribund or what, but if anyone's still watching, I have something to offer. I wrote a post on similarities and differences between m/m slash and "lesbian" porn produced for a straight male audience and got some interesting comments. But I'd love to hear ideas from more than my f-list. I suggested it to metafandom but they (mysteriously, to me) chose not to link to it. So, if anyone is interested in weighing in, mosey over to and add your ideas to the discussion.

LJ content strike.

Hi, everyone on slashphilosophy! This isn't fic or art, but I feel that it is very pertinent to the comm and needs to be said (if it hasn't been already).

SUP has, in the past week, removed the following interests: "faeries," "bisexuality," "yaoi," "bondage," "fanfiction" and "slash," among others. Some of these terms have since been restored, following outcry, but not all.

josiana: I confirmed the interest faeries leads to GLBT links, along with a sprinkling of Spenser study groups, pagans, and collectors of winged dolls. Since Wicca was not censored from the most popular interests, it's clear who SUP is going after. Plus they eliminated yaoi and bisexuality, so it's not as if this is an attack of paranoia brought on by my fourth cup of coffee. Sure, bisexuality was down there at the bottom, but, after censoring twenty-two interests above it, you know they had room. (from

Also, it's now proved that these changes were made post-SUP takeover, id est after 2/28/2008, based on this MSN cache view of the Interests page.

So the Big Bads of the Internet are fanfic and homosexuals."

I think we need to take action.


No posts, no comments, no content.


ETA: Yes, I'm aware the interests have since been restored. Thanks to those who told me. I wrote this post to draw attention to, and express concern and indignation about, the original removal of the terms.
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This is beyond ridiculous...

...and verging on Kafka-esque. (We passed Orwellian in June.)

Hi, all. I'm sure you've noticed that LJ/6A is at it again, only sneakier this time. Instead of showing deleted accounts with a strikethrough, they're just bolded, as if to hide the fact that they've been purged and delay any public outcry.

It baffles me that slash can generate such amazing negativity in LJ -- the authors and artists are not out there harming or advocating the harm of children, they're celebrating the vital and chaotic mating dance of human beings in often strange and heroic circumstances. I wish I had some suggestions on how to fight this, but it makes me so angry I'm barely coherent at the moment: for me, LJ's TOSsing of Ponderosa121 and continued assault on pornish_pixies broke my calm beyond repair.

Personally, I am taking my toys to InsaneJournal and heartily recommending that you consider doing the same. The guy in charge there has welcomed fandom with open arms and assures us that he will not suspend accounts without a genuine court order – and that’s something that can be fought, not this LJ vagueness about just not wanting us around.


Permanent accounts are only $40, and you get 300 icon spaces. Free accounts have no advertising on the journal pages themselves, and you get 100 icons. Come take a look around, the fandoms are young and growing quickly! You won’t be lonely there.  ^_^


Either way, if you write, draw, or just enjoy yaoi and slash, be prepared for LJ to shut you down in due course – it doesn’t look like this is going to stop.

Check this post for links to relevant information and tools to archive your journal and move it to another site, as well as tips on how to keep in touch through different journaling sites. 


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New same sex marriage bill in Nigeria would make it illegal even to read slash on the internet:

As this is a community interested in the political implications of slash, I thought I would post this here. If a piece of legislation currently going through the lawmaking process in Nigeria becomes law, one of the political implications for slashers will be that (in Nigeria) it is illegal and punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment even to read slash.

This is obviously not a precedent we want to see established anywhere in the world, so please protest!

Honorable Lawmakers are debating a bill that would ban any form of association with a homosexual, even sharing a meal at a restaurant. The legislation would also prohibit belonging to gay clubs or reading books, watching films or visiting Internet sites that ''promote'' homosexuality, and proposes penalties of up to five years in prison. It is widely expected to pass. Engaging in homosexual acts is already illegal, with those convicted facing prison terms in the mainly Christian south and execution in the mainly Muslim north. Gays are so closeted and fearful there has been no public opposition to the legislation.

NYTimes Article

This is the bill which is being pushed through by Archbishop Akinola.

Please write to your Senator/MP/Representative and ask them to put pressure on the Government of Nigeria to drop the bill. Pressure from foreign governments has already caused them to drop it once. There's still time to do it again.

How can I do that?
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Up close and personal

Hey everyone. I only just found this community and I must say I'm positively surprised that there is one such as it. I didn't just mean to shout in a random hello, though - I thought of a question I'd like to ask you people, just to see the answers others might have and hopefully to spark some interesting conversation over what they might tell us about the effects of slash.

So, my question is: how do you think or feel that the slash phenomenon has affected you, on a personal level? Has it changed anything in your life? For better? For worse? Is it merely an intriguing source of entertainment to you or do you find it has deeper connections to how you perceive yourself and/or things around you? Has it brought awareness with it? If so, awareness of what? And which parts of the slash phenomenon, if any, are those that have had an effect on you?

To answer my own question, I would have to say that as a relatively gender-neutral person, I've generally had difficulty finding mainstream relationship portrayals any kind of a source of inspiration. I felt constricted by the idea that I would have to fit into the "generalised female role" I felt I being was offered, but I didn't know very much about other options. Granted, I read up on sexual orientations, different world views and the like, educating myself as best as I could. It may sound strange, but it was actually stumbling across the slash fandom that helped me find some portrayals (usually the introspective, character-driven ones) of relationships that offered me material to use for building my own idea of a desirable relationship. Had someone told me about it beforehand I would probably have found it unlikely, but in retrospect, it's not all that strange. I think this is because slash removes the bigendered aspect with the accompanying, preordained roles (unless, of course, we're talking about seme/uke dynamics) and thus gives one much more mobility. But in short, I find that slash has affected my life in offering me both food for thought and alternative examples of how to construct a relationship where I could previously find few satisfactory models to use.

What about you?

References to 'slash' or 'homo-erotic' by producers/actors etc?


So... what I'm trying to find out is how slash ties back *into* or influences decisions by producers, actors, writers and directors of TV/books etc.

I know that, for example, Paul Gross, while exec producer of 'due South' mentioned slash and was (evidently) relatively positive in his response and many fans of the show belive that he intentionally created a relationship between two actors on the show that could be read as homo-erotic because of his understanding of slash fans.

Are there other shows where producers, actors, writers or directors actually discuss or mention the homo-erotic tone of a show they are in/working on--in either a positive or negative way?

Like--I belive (though I have no evidence) that the Powers that Be for Smallville heard of or realized that the homo-erotic sub-text between Lex and Clark was, for many viewers, not at all 'sub' and they decided to change that by making the relationship between the two less intimate and by increasing the intimacy/important of the lana/clark relationship on the show. Was there every any quote/statement/interview that supports my idea (from actors etc)?

What I'm looking for is how slash, in particular, has influenced the decisons of creators of work that fans slash. If there are examples that are not homo-erotic (such as the pairing decisions by Rowling for HP, which seemed to have been paritally motivated by the way the fans responded to her work), that's also okay.